Historical Headlines – March 14

3/14/1969 – Astronauts James A McDivitt, David R. Scott and Russell L. Schweickart, have been named “honorary citizens” of Apollo by proclamation of Mayor Duane S. Guthrie.

3/14/1969 – After hearing a school site report from their architects, the Armstrong School District directors last night rejected Worthington as a possible site for a new elementary school and the Ellermyer property in the West Hills section of Kittanning, as a proposed senior high school site.in favor of a third site. The new site is T.W. Armstrong Farm in East Franklin Township.

3/14/1969 – Police said a man entered the IGA Market on Broad Street in New Bethlehem while employees were opening up for business and walked out with an undetermined amount of cash from the market office. Employees thought the man was a salesman, and did not notice that the man entered the office and left with the cash.

3/14/1969 – Defining proper measurement was part of a science experiment by Shannock Valley Elementary schoolers Kevin Stover, Greg Boyer, and JoAnn Schrecengost. The school served as host for the one-day event to explain elementary science program on a pilot basis – one of four schools in the state to participate, according to Rudolph Merick of Jeannette and G. William Lammert of Elderton.

3/14/1969 – The Rev. Richard Molgaard will host an old fashioned hymn sing at the Wilson Avenue Church of God that featured the singing of hold hymns under the glow of kerosene lamps and lantern lights. This is the second year the church held the event.

3/14/1964 – Armstrong County’s Civil Defense organization evacuated an estimated 350 persons during the March 10 flood, one of the biggest on record in the county history. Civil defense marshaled an army of nearly 500 men and three amphibious ducks to combat the swift-rising Allegheny River and allied streams in the Kittanning-Freeport area.

3/14/1959 – A contract for the printing of ballots for the May 19 primary has been awarded to Allegheny – Kiski Printing Company of Freeport RD 1 at a bid of $1,175.

3/14/1959 – State Police were called to investigate the theft of 5,000 electric blasting caps from the Cadogan mine at Allegheny River Mining Company, Kittanning.

3/14/1959 – Kittanning burgess Harry E. Himes’ office took in a total of $595.96 in fines during February.

3/14/1949 – The Armstrong Water Company flushed out its downtown mains, altered treatment practices at the filtration plant to compensate for a strong “drug store taste” that showed up in the towns’ water supply over the weekend.

3/14/1949 – Robert C. Galbraith, well-known gas and oil driller in the neighborhood, died in Armstrong County Memorial Hospital.

3/14/1949 – Now showing at a local theater is “Command Decision” starring Clark Gable, Walter Pidgeon, Van Johnson, Brian Donlevy and John Hodiak.

3/14/1944 – Kittanning Odd Fellows celebrated the lodge’s 95th anniversary at Jacob Street lodge hall with more than 100 persons in attendance..

3/14/1944 – A total of 74 service stars appear in the windows of the homes of 16 mothers, all residents of Armstrong County. The distinction of having the most sons in uniform goes to Mrs. Fred Helm of Cowansville, whose service flag shows a star for each of seven sons..

3/14/1939 – A nine-year old Rosston schoolgirl, Anne Mae Barger, is in Armstrong County Memorial Hospital as the result of being struck on the head by a broomstick “ball bat” that slipped out of the hands of a player during a ballgame in the Rosston school playground.

3/14/1939 – Custody of an infant orphaned by the electrocution of her parents at Kelly Station is a matter of contention in Armstrong County Courts.

3/14/1934 – Kittanning Town Council in an adjourned session set the 1934 tax millage on all property within the borough at 7 1/2 mills.

3/14/1934 – Mrs. Mary S. Bowman, widow of John F. Bowman, died at the home of a daughter, Mrs. W. M. Jacobs of the Shaffer apartments N. McKean St. Mrs. Bowman was a member of First Presbyterian Church of Kittanning, where she took an active part in church and Sunday School work.

3/14/1929 – Construction of a new power station by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass company is underway by Fifth St. and Fifth Ave.

3/14/1929 – The home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Rickle of Cadogan, with all its contents, was destroyed by fire.

3/14/1929 – Former Armstrong County Treasurer J. O. Crum died at his home on Queen St.