ASD Hopes to Get More Reimbursement from High School Building Project

ASD Director of Finance Sam Kirk said the school district may receive additional money from state reimbursement from the construction of Armstrong Junior-Senior High School. (KP File Photo)

Although Armstrong Junior-Senior High School has been open for the past several years, directors of the Armstrong School District (ASD) are hoping final reimbursement will bring a few extra bucks from the State.

ASD Director of Finance and Operations Sam Kirk explained why the building project has not been finalized yet with the Department of Education.

“There is a process school districts go through when they do a construction of a new building or renovations to receive reimbursement from the State. The process is called PlanCon – an acronym for “Planning and Construction” worksheet.”

Kirk said this is the final part of the PlanCon process.

“It’s always a bunch of letters. ‘J’ is the piece of the process that gives you the final reimbursement rates on debt payments that we have made toward that building. We have been getting a temporary rate right now and have received funds from the State.  This will now give us the final rate based on the final cost of that project.”

Kirk said there is no guarantee that the final rate will mean more reimbursement money coming back to the school district.

“That rate could go up, or it could go down, based on final numbers. Typically it goes up a little bit from the temporary rate, so we possibly could get some additional money.”

Kirk said he had no idea how much money may be reimbursed.

“They take our numbers from the worksheet and put it into a formula and then generate the final rate.”

Kirk is not optimistic that the final rate will be decided soon.

“PlanCon sometimes is caught up in (state) government (bureaucracy). Pennsylvania Department of Education sometimes takes awhile to do some things, so it could be months. When we did the initial PlanCon, it took three years. Hopefully it doesn’t take that long this time.”