Lenape Tech Invites the Community to Their Spring Open House Tonight

Lenape Tech will host its Spring Open House tonight from 5:30 until 8:00 PM. The community is invited to come and experience 14 different technical shops, as well as a fashion show, raffles, and door prizes.

Lenape Technical School will open its doors tonight to not only prospective students and parents, but also the community at large.

Administrative Director Wes Kuchta said their Spring Open House is aimed at younger students and their families these days.

“Unlike in the past, it was only for students that were planning on coming the following year. This year, we are opening our doors up to the entire community.”

Kuchta said the State is emphasizing career awareness as this year’s initiative.

“We are now focusing on sixth, seventh, and eighth graders who are beginning to have conversations with their families of what they want to do when they get older.”

Kutchta said instead of a tour or single presentation, the school is totally open in every one of their technical areas for everyone to see.

“We have a lot of different events going on that will appeal to the various age groups.”

Cosmetology students will conduct at fashion show at 6PM, there will be raffles and door prizes, and various emergency vehicles will be outside for students to experience through a “touch-a-truck” event.”

“We want everyone to visit our technical areas, ask whatever questions you have, and understand exactly what we have to offer, and have conversations of what is best for students in the future.”

Kutchta said it is important for families to discuss educational options long before graduation.

“When it comes to preparation for any trade or a career, we have students who are making those decisions younger and younger. It is really about exposing them to different careers. We know kids change their mind and can vary year to year. The more exposure they have to various careers, the earlier they will make informed decisions on their future with their parents.”

Administrative Director Wes Kuchta said visitors to tonight’s Spring Open House will be “pleasantly surprised” when they tour the fourteen shops.

Kuchta said there are fourteen technical areas: Advertising/Digital Technology, CADD Pre-Engineering, Welding, Law Enforcement, Collision Repair, Culinary Arts, Natural Resources, Allied Health/Sports Medicine, Precision Machining, Automotive Tech, Computer Information Technology, Cosmetology, Construction Trades, and Biomedical Technology.

“Not only do we have the technical areas, but there are multiple career paths within each area. For instance, we have students who go into our Automotive Technical program that end up working in a local garage. We have others who go on to CCAC and study to become certified Ford technicians, or GM or Toyota technicians.

“Our Construction Trades program is our newest one, combining our HVAC program and our Carpentry program. The new Construction Trades program supports all of the builder guilds. We have students who go on to join the sheet metal union, or work for a contractor, or even an architect planner.”

Kuchta said that his desire is to give students the ability to “see that there are different paths they can go into. While they may come for a specific program, where they go from the program depends on the carer path they choose.”

Kutcha said there are also a lot of alumni that also like to come back to tour the school and find out the new programs that are available.

“Our students are doing some great work and we like to show them off!”

It’s more than just serious discussions. There are also several fun events taking place.

“King’s Restaurant will be sponsoring a burger eating contest in all of the shops at 7PM. We know our families will want to come and cheer on our individual programs.”

In each of the programs, Kutchta said there will be students showcasing their work and doing live hands-on events.

“In our Machining program, you will actually see students working on the machines and going through their every day work.”

Kutchta said he feels people will be pleasantly surprised with the Lenape Tech experience.

“I’m in this building every day, but when I go around and see our students working on some of the projects, it blows me away every day! We want our visitors to experience that feeling too. There are people who drive by, see our sign, the building, but have no idea what goes on inside. This is their opportunity to see it close up.”

The Spring Open House begins tonight at 5:30 and continues till 8PM.

Lenape Tech is located at 2215 Chaplin Avenue in Manor Township.

For more information, visit their website at www.lenapetech.net.