Ford City Makes Modifications to Grant for New Police Car

Ford City Council President Carol Fenyes signs paperwork to modify a grant they expect to receive from the USDA for a new police cruiser.

Last year, Ford City Borough was approved for a grant from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Housing Services for the purchase of a new police car.

According to Council President Carol Fenyes, although approved, USDA funding ran out before Ford City could receive the grant. Furthermore, the police cruiser was no longer available.

Council last night approved a modification to the Community Facilities Grant Agreement. The cost of a 2019 Ford Sedan Police Interceptor will be $26,654 for the vehicle and $7,400 to outfit it with the “police package”. The total cost of the vehicle will be $34,054.

The grant calls for a match of 25% from the municipality; therefore, Ford City’s portion will be $8,763.50.

“We were notified that the money will be available this year,” Fenyes said. “The USDA has already approved it. They have already told us the car is available, they have the price on the car and the upgrades. When the money is transferred from them, we put our portion of the money with it and complete the purchase.”

Fenyes said she has no idea when the money will be released to Ford City, but hopes it will be in the next several months.