Manor Township Fire Department Enlists the Aid of Kittanning Hose Company #1

Manor Township Supervisors approved a mutual aid plan devised by the Manor Township Fire Department.

According to Fire Chief Chad Evans, the township was divided into quadrants and other fire companies were assigned to assist Manor in a specific quadrant should the need arise. This information will now be supplied to the 9-1-1 dispatch center so dispatchers know what fire departments to dispatch into a specific quadrant.

“If you call and report a car accident, dispatchers will go in and verify you are in Manor Township on Route 66. They will then dispatch the proper departments according to a list we create.”

Evans said that 9-1-1 is updating their computer system.

“The way we had it formatted, it wouldn’t work anymore.”

Evans said because Manor is a class 2 township, the supervisors have to approve changes made in the call-out list so it conforms with the township’s emergency plan.

“Any changes we do to the run card, we can add as many departments we want. We just cannot remove anybody without supervisors’ approval. With the new 9-1-1 computer system, the old list that we had in the old system wouldn’t cross over, so every department in Armstrong County had to redo their call-out lists.”

One of the changes that Evans made was to include Kittanning Hose Company #1 in one of their quadrants.


“For our ISO requirement, we had to have another aerial (truck). It has to be available within two-and-a-half miles. So now, Kittanning #1 can run down here as far as Riverside. They can go up the Indiana Pike and out to the Sheetz intersection by the Cadet. That will give us some credit for that. Where it hurts us is that Ford City doesn’t have an aerial, so we will lose (the second aerial coverage) from Riverside south on Route 66. And we can’t bring Leechburg up because it exceeds the two-and-a-half miles radius.  But we will at least get some credit for this part of the township.”

Evans declined to say which departments were removed in the new mutual aid plan, but he said it was only “one or two departments”.

“Usually we all three ran together (on a mutual aid call), but then it left a service gap, so we changed things around so if we go to one area, we still have coverage for the rest of the township.”

Evans said that West Hills Emergency Services will also be used in a mutual aid plan that covers Route 422 to Sheetz at the Cadet. He said the Kittanning Township Fire Department will cover Route 422 from their township line into Manor Township to the Cadet Sheetz.

“For a structure fire, we had to list who we wanted. For water rescue, we had to list who we wanted.  9-1-1 enters all of that into their computer system. When someone makes a 9-1-1 call, for whatever it is, they select it from the screen, and they dispatch from what the address states and what zone they are in,” Evans said.