Kittanning Police Department Unveils New Police Cruiser

Mayor Scott Kline (left) and Police Chief Bruce Mathews stands behind the new borough police cruiser that was unveiled last night before the Kittanning Borough Council public meeting.

“It isn’t brand new, but it’s brand new to us,” Kittanning Police Chief Bruce Mathews said as Borough Council got their first look at their latest purchase.

The 2016 Ford Explorer Interceptor was being auctioned off by a Washington, Pennsylvania department.

The value of the vehicle with interceptor package was approximately $45,000. Mathews was able to win the bid on behalf of the borough for just over $31,000.

The vehicle comes with a Motorola 1250 mobile radio, an on-board Panasonic computer, the Watch Dog 4R3, plastic prisoner seat in the back for easy cleanup, window protectors, and a Provisions 1080p HD video camera.

The bid was approved by North Franklin Township on February 12.

“With this package, we feel we acted in the best interest of the taxpayers and the best interest of the police department to be able to put a vehicle on the streets of this caliber,” Mayor Scott Kline said.
Council last night also extended sincere thanks to Justin Brown, partner at BS Outfitters. Brown and his graphics team lettered the vehicle at no cost to the Borough – a donation that he estimated would have cost $1,200.

Council also approved the purchase of a Vascar II radar unit for $600. The previous system would not fit in any of the current police vehicles. The unit would be paid for through the sale of the oldest police vehicle – a 2007 Ford Interceptor – which will be placed on Municibid and auctioned off.

Mathews said the current fleet of three police cars will be rotated in use to minimize the mileage on any one vehicle.