Jensen to Run for County Commissioner

Jorn Jensen with his wife, Bobbi, and family.

Jorn Jensen, conservative Republican, is running for Armstrong County commissioner.

He and his wife Bobbi reside in West Franklin Township.  Jensen wants to bring his career experience from outside Armstrong County to Armstrong County government.

Jensen’s career in the steel industry did begin in Armstrong County at Allegheny Ludlum Steel, West Leechburg Works.  From there to Ellwood City Forge, to Pittsburgh, to Huntington, Indiana, Irvine, Pennsylvania, Brazil, Chile, Canada, Sweden, Michigan, Nebraska – mostly as a heat treating consultant helping companies around the world solve problems in that field.  Jensen is a mechanical engineer with a Master’s degree from Penn State in Business Administration.  Jensen is a past school board member of the Leechburg area school district and is currently an auditor for West Franklin Township.

Jensen is a US army infantry veteran, is pro-life, pro-2nd amendment, pro-work, pro-jobs and a staunch Trump supporter.

Jensen is using the mantra “NOT more of the same.”

“We’ve had too much of the same for too long in Armstrong County.  The United States is strong and working, with Armstrong County left behind.  We’ve lost Eljer, PPG, Allegheny Ludlum.  We have three Sheetz stores, but not GetGo, or Marathon, or Speedway.  A combination of being unfriendly to business and industry, coupled with high property taxes from both county government and school districts, keeps Armstrong County behind surrounding counties.”

Jensen said Lenape Tech is a “gem” in the future of business in the county.

“We can supply the talent needed by business and industry if we can just attract them here rather than our youth having to leave the area upon getting an education.”

As commissioner, Jensen pledges to do the following:

  • Be a full-time commissioner, on-the-job daily.
  • Promote Armstrong County to business and industry – be inviting to business and industry to come to Armstrong County through industrial contacts.
  • As commissioner, attend every possible school board meeting to represent the taxpayers’ interest.
  • Be active in negotiations, investigate money-bleeding like the Motorola radio contract for 911, money bleeding to contractors like the airplane people working for the assessors’ office, investigate why we have turnover in 911 while wages continue to increase, and be active in jail management so that we do not have issues like in the past.
  • Will communicate with media regularly – as has been promised by commissioners in the past but never followed though.
  • Will continue his presence in Harrisburg in continued support of HB/SB76 school property tax elimination and transfer of that tax load to sales and income taxes so that taxpayers are not renting their paid-off property from the school district and facing a Land Bank acquisition of their property for back taxes.
  • Will NOT go around and measure the cut height of your grass to be a nuisance to homeowners.

“I ask for the support of voters to bring Armstrong County back to the great growth times of the past – working business and industry providing jobs and a future for our youth to stay, build a place and raise a family,” Jensen said.   Follow his campaign on Facebook at “Jorn Jensen for Armstrong County Commissioner.”