Manor Supervisors Say Building Projects Are On Hold

Manor Township supervisors want to build a shed at the township garage, but governmental regulations are putting the price too high. The shed would replace their current shed that houses anti-skid material.

Two separate building projects that were planned by Manor Township supervisors have been put on hold.

Supervisor Chairman Don Palmer said the supervisors have discussed erecting a shed at the township garage property for the purpose of storing anti-skid material. The current storage facility is too small to accommodate the amount of anti-skid that needs to be stored.

“We’re talking about a tin pole building with no electric in it and no doors on it,” Supervisor Vice-Chairman Bob Southworth described.

Palmer said the township’s engineering firm, Senate Engineering, projected building costs to far exceed initial estimates because of requirement of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and other government agencies. An impact study would have to be performed regarding water runoff from the shed and impact the anti-skid-tainted water would have on area water supplies.

Supervisor Don Palmer said the requirement of paying prevailing wage is preventing building plans.

“We can go out and buy the building itself for approximately $30,000. That’s putting a concrete floor in it and everything. But by the time we do the engineering – they are talking about storm water management, plus prevailing wage, It would cost nearly $180,000 to do it.¬† I’m very unhappy with (the requirements). Prevailing wage is apparently what is driving costs up so far. We are probably looking at $127,000 just for prevailing wage. We were told that if we are spending taxpayer money, we have to pay prevailing wage,” Palmer said.

“That’s on hold for now,” Southworth emphatically said. “There ain’t no way I am paying what they want. We will figure something else out.”

Now the supervisors are concerned that these requirements will affect another building project directly across the street from the municipal building.

The house at 305 Byron Street is scheduled for demolition soon since its purchase by Manor Township. But will supervisors be able to erect a pole barn on the land? Perhaps not, Supervisor Palmer said. (KP 2018 File Photo)

Discussions began in April 2018 to purchase of a house and lot at 305 Byron Street. The closing was finalized this month. Supervisors plan to demolish the current house on the property. They plan to use the property for additional parking at the present time until a pole building could be built that will be utilized as a garage for township and police vehicles.

“The money will come out of Capital Fund,” Palmer said. “It was a total of $24,000 plus the demolition cost of around $12,000.”

Southworth said Tim Fouse was the least expensive bid on demolition of the structure.

Palmer said a new furnace was recently installed in the house. He said the furnace will be removed and reused as auxiliary heating in the Municipal Building. However, the erection of a new building may also be on hold.

“We totally anticipate we are going to run into the exact same thing with the building across the street. It’s going to be an astronomical price that we are not prepared to pay right now. We will send our proposed plans to Senate Engineering and see what they come back with on that building. If it’s decent, we will discuss building a new garage building there. There’s a good chance that both buildings will be put on hold until we can figure out another ¬†option.”

Supervisors await the final report from Senate Engineering and will discuss it at their next meeting at 6PM on Wednesday, March 6 in the municipal building.