EDITORIAL: Payment for Police Protection

Open Letter to Senator Don White , State Reps Jeff Pyle, and Donna Oberlander:

Local towns should pay for their own Police and not use neighboring Police service that loads down other neighboring localities tax base or State Police.

I was pleased to read revealing letters in a regional newspaper reinforcing Wolf’s suggested per capita tax to subsidize the State Police who go to municipalities and provide police protection. It is provided in towns where a local police department is not paid for by its own residents.

I was quite surprised to hear that in my Kiskiminetas Township (and any other township that has a police department paid for with local residents’ taxes0, it is required to provide free police service and protection to other local non- police protected areas, if State Police are not going to show up.

There is no compensation to replace the tax dollars used to take care of another municipality’s problems, because our police or any area having their own police do not get subsidized by those using these police services. So why should this be happening? There is only a free ride for Hempfield Township in Westmoreland County and any other townships scamming other taxpayers, if you and the Governor allow it!. Stop allowing it now!

Get this changed in this 2019 budget!

Using fiscal responsibility and proper restraint, such as requiring compensation for requested police services, will reduce the $1.7 Billion Pennsylvania budget shortfall that we now are burdened with!

Regina Liermann
Kiskiminetas Twp.