TESH: Hot Baths and Playing Games Headline Today’s Intel

Does the idea of soaking in a hot spring sound pretty pleasing? It’s so much more! A recent study found that when people took a hot bath daily for 2 months, it helped them manage stress better than prescription anxiety medication did. And we talked about this before, but with so many colds still going around, it’s a great reminder! A hot bath can also cut the length of a cold. According to researchers at the New York Nasal and Sinus Center,soaking for 20-minutes a day in a hot bath can shorten a cold by four days. That’s because/viruses are heat-sensitive – so raising your core temperature helps kill them off faster. Ahhh….I feel warmer just thinking about a hot bath!

How about this: bond with your kids, while also helping them improve their math, memory, and social skills with a game of Crazy 8s… Black Jack… or Go Fish! Psychologists say card games are a great way to improve kids’ critical thinking skills while also strengthening their confidence, according to Dr. William Doherty, a family science professor from the University of Minnesota in St. Paul. And he says that card and board games are good for kids in a lot of ways. Because everybody is playing by the same rules, it’s an even playing field. And when kids can beat their parents or older siblings, it’s psychologically important, because symbolically, it gives them a taste of independence. And if they lose, it’s an opportunity to handle defeat gracefully, learn from their mistakes and try again. Card games can also improve math and memory skills. They learn to strategize – and when they have to remember the cards another player has, it works their short-term memory. Even shuffling and dealing can improve a child’s manual dexterity. Kids also learn the art of taking turns and following rules. But besides all those developmental benefits – Dr. Doherty says games are one of the best ways for families to bond and communicate because it creates an environment for all generations to interact and open up. What’s better to share with your family and friends who have kids and grandkids, nieces or nephews, or even their friends’ kids than Family and Friends Game Night, and they’ll love what’s coming up next from The John Tesh Radio Show!