Historical Headlines – February 11

2/11/1969 – Kittanning Town Council last night voted to obtain two appraisals of the borough building as they consider selling it. Besides using the building at the corner of Market Street and Templeton Way to house most of the municipal offices, the borough rents space to the Armstrong County Trust Co. which uses the front of the building for their banking offices. Councilman Peter Relich said the building needed extensive repairs if they decided not to sell. Councilmen Walter Wick and Gerald Shuster said the borough building should not be sold until the borough has another building to move into.

2/11/1969 – The presentation of an Eagle Scout award was the highlight of a Court of Honor in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. The award was given to Alan Smith. His father/scoutmaster and mother stood beside him as he received the award.

2/11/1969 – Fred W. Williamson of Ford City and William L Cole of Rural Valley have retired from Peoples Natural Gas Co.

2/11/1969 – Sgt. Larry James Cunningham, 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Chester L. Cunningham of 712 N. Water St., Kittanning, returned home after serving 37 months in Vietnam with the First Marine Division.

2/11/1964 – Kittanning Union School Board is on record today as favoring a school administrative unit that would include the union district, the Worthington-West Franklin district, and the townships of Rayburn, East Franklin and North Buffalo.

2/11/1959 – William Alan Methven, 20-year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Methven of 320 Allegheny Ave., died in St. Vincent’s Hospital, Erie. Methven, a student at Slippery Rock State Teacher’s College, was injured in a college wrestling match at Edinboro.

2/11/1959 – Queen Street was flooded when heavy rains came pouring off the hill along Oak Avenue and overloaded sewers. Over two feet of water poured down Duck Run gulley over the yard tracks of the Pennsylvania Railroad over Queen St. and Oak Ave., covering a two block area with water and debris.

2/11/1954 – Ford City Vets to buy Wheelchairs For Lending.

2/11/1954 – Contractor Fred Lundgren expects to start work within 10 days on construction of a new garage and storeroom for Kittanning Telephone Company.

2/11/1954 – Kittanning merchants are asking thousands of area residents to help them solve a problem. Into the mail will go 10,200 double postcards on which the recipients will be asked to indicate which of three week-day nights they prefer to do their downtown shopping – Monday, Friday or Saturday.

2/11/1954 – A sum of $100 – given to Armstrong County Memorial Hospital from proceeds of the Hospital Gift Shop – will go into a general fund to help care for charity patients.

2/11/1949 – Bishop Lloyd C. Wicke will be at the First Methodist Church here for a united service of Methodist Churches in the Kittanning sub-district.

2/11/1949 – A total of 86 registrations have been received for night classes at Kittanning High School.

2/11/1944 – The Rev. W. K. Morgan, who recently completed his 13th year as pastor of First Baptist Church of Kittanning, was honored at a testimonial dinner held during a Men’s Council meeting in the church.

2/11/1944 – Paper Drive nets 20 tons. Legion and Salvage Officials pleased. Plan repeat collection in six weeks.

2/11/1939 – Fire that followed an explosion of undetermined origin routed family members from their beds and razed the two-story dwelling of Toni Marangoni, one-fourth mile south of Apollo.

2/11/1939 – Mrs. Arthur C. Toner Jr. of the Academy Apartments will attend a meeting of the “99” Club of the Aero Club, William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh. The “99” Club is a national organization of licensed women pilots.

2/11/1939 – Armstrong County Memorial Hospital, through action of the board of trustees, has placed its facilities at the disposal of subscribers of the non-profit group hospitalization plan administered by the Hospital Service Association.

2/11/1929 – Manager Hayes Garbarino of the Columbia Theater announced that a new organist has been engaged for the playhouse in the person of Jim Orner. Orner is in his 14th year as a theater organist. He has been a feature player in the Stanley circuit.