Kittanning Playground in Jeopardy Because of Problems in the Other Park

At the center of grant funding issues is this compost site located at the Community Park. DCNR wants it moved, but it will require approval from DEP.

Kittanning Borough has had problems with its compost site at its Community Park. The site has been inspected by officials from the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). The Borough has been notified of various violations over the past two years.

Now Kittanning’s grant funds from the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) to give the John Whelan Playground a makeover is on hold until the DEP is satisfied that issues with the compost pile at the Community Park have been corrected.

Because Community Park was built with grant funds, and a compost site was not part of the footprint of the park, DCNR wants the compost site relocated. However, that will require a location and DEP approval.

Superintendent of Public Works Jim Mechling told Council on Monday night that it is possible a local property owner may lease the Borough a small plot of land for the site, but details were not discussed.
DCNR has approved Kittanning for a $40,000 grant with the promise the Borough will match it with another $19,792 in cash or work performed by borough employees. In addition, another $10,000 has been allocated by DCNR, making the total first phase of the project $69,792.

Funds will not be released until the issues are resolved. If not resolved by April, the Borough will not be able to apply for additional funding to do more work required at the John Whelan Playground next year.

The current state of disrepair at the John Whelan Playground include broken signage, cracks in the surface of the tennis court and basketball court, and other upgrades to be performed.