TESH: Kitty Concepts for Multiple Cat Owners

We’re stressing out our cats… by treating them like our dogs. That’s according to animal behavior expert, Dr. John Bradshaw, who wrote the book “Cat Sense.” He says that *owners stress out their cats by thinking they’re as social as dogs, that they like to be petted as much, and that they need another cat to play with. But those dog-like qualities aren’t in a cat’s nature. Dr. Bradshaw says cats are still partially wild because the great majority of kittens are born from feral cats. They have the mentality of a hunter – but also of prey. So cuddles and affection can make your cat feel trapped, and stress him more than comfort him. But the thing that gives cats the most anxiety is sharing their space with another cat. Dr. Bradshaw installed infrared cameras in people’s homes to watch how cats behaved at night – since they’re nocturnal. And just because cats don’t hiss at each other doesn’t mean they’re friends. One of the biggest power struggles is over who gets to be in the warmest spot on the human’s bed.Cats are very territorial and will commonly divide up the house so they live in separate spaces. So what can a cat owner do? First, let them come to you for affection. Also, don’t get a second cat unless YOU really want another cat. Your cat is most likely fine being solo. There’s a reason why there are dog parks, but no cat parks in the world. I am sure you may have a friend who may be considering a friend for Fluffy. Sharing this could give necessary perspective, and they will be grateful that you shared this intel from The John Tesh Radio Show!

If you find yourself frequently waking during the night, try massaging your ankles before bed. Researchers at the University of Arkansas say that an ankle massage stimulates the nerve pathways that boost production of the calming hormone oxytocin, which should help you wake up less often during the night. Experts say just 3 minutes of massage is all it takes for a better night’s sleep! Just in time for some weekend time and maybe extra zzzzz’s, so share this today from The John Tesh Radio Show!