Byron Street Property May Sell Soon to Manor Township

Manor Township supervisors will be closing within the next 30 days on the purchase of the house and ground at 305 Byron Street.

Manor Township supervisors said they are getting close to the purchase of the house and property at 305 Byron Street, directly across from the Municipal Building.

The discussion began last April with the owner. At their May 2018 meeting, supervisors approved a bid to purchase it for $18,200. However, that bid was rejected.

Last night, Supervisor Chair Don Palmer said they have now reached an agreement with the property owner.

“We got notification from Steiner Law office that they are now ready to proceed with the closing on the property across the street,” Palmer announced. “Last year, we already made the motion to spend the money to buy the property. The money will come out of Capital Fund. It was a total of $24,000 plus the demolition cost of around $12,000. We will be acting on (the closing) relatively quick. I would expect it to happen within the next 30 days.”

Supervisor Bob Southworth said Tim Fouse was the least expensive bid on demolition of the structure.

Palmer said a new furnace was recently installed in the house. He said the furnace will be removed and reused as auxiliary heating in the Municipal Building.

Supervisors plan to demolish the current house on the property. They plan to use the property for additional parking at the present time until a pole building could be built that will be utilized as a garage for township and police vehicles.