West Shamokin Students to Make Up Lost Days

ASD Superintendent Chris M. DeVivo said West Shamokin students will only have to make up one of the five days they missed due to the mold issue that delayed the start of school last September.

Last September, students from all over the Armstrong School District went back to school… except those students at West Shamokin High School. A problem with mold found in several areas delayed the start of school for those students five days.

Superintendent Chris DeVivo told school board directors last night that the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania approved eliminating the 180-day requirement for three of the missed days, but are requiring the other two days be made up.

“There were two days remaining,” DeVivo told the Board. “We have enough instructional minutes built in to our current schedule to account for one of those days. The other day we will make up on January 21.”

Busses for students attending West Shamokin High School will run as normal that day, which is a holiday to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

“The teachers are in session for in service activities all over the District, but the kids from West Shamokin will have to come to school,” DeVivo said.

West Shamokin is not the only school in the District that experienced problems. DeVivo said that a water authority distribution problem cancelled classes for Armstrong High School students this past fall.

“We are currently in discussion with the State regarding the day that was missed for a water issue,” he said.

DeVivo said submitting requests for waivers of the attendance requirement is a slow process.

“It’s January and we had the mold problem in September. It takes that long to process requests,” he said.