Historical Headlines – January 10

1/10/1969 – The first fatality of 1969 was a 21-year-old Worthington RD1 man. Robert J. Crawford died when his car ran off Route 422 three miles west of Kittanning and overturned at 2:15 AM.

1/10/1969 – The Armstrong School District Board of Education last night went into agreement with two architectural and engineering firms for the proposed construction of the new West Hills Senior High School. Meanwhile, the Armstrong County Taxpayers League elected officers last night. The new executive board is: Adam Bogalovski, Carl Barton, Janet Faykosh, Betty Kimple, and Sara Schrecengost. The group is vowing to defeat plans to build a new high school.

1/10/1969 – Armstrong County Memorial Hospital administrator Robert Engle said the facility is beyond capacity. He said that several patients are “living” in the halls, but that this situation has been confronted here before. He said that “this time of year,” the hospital is operating normally as occupancy is always up in winter months. He pointed to an increase in automobile accidents, falls, and respiratory ailments among older persons as well as flu symptoms as contributors to the census.

1/10/1969 – Three astronauts were named today for the moon landing mission scheduled for later this year. NASA selected Neil Armstrong, Edwin “Buz” Aldrin, and Michael Collins. Aldrin and Collins are Air Force Colonels and Armstrong is a civilian. All are experienced in space.

1/10/1964 – F. Duane Snyder of Kittanning was elected president of the Armstrong County Funeral Directors Association at a meeting in Morda’s dinign room. Other officers elected were: James Flick, vice-president, Worthington; and Samuel E. Gallagher, secretary-treasurer, Apollo.

1/10/1964 – Dayton Joint High School principal Paul Rowland Jr. today announced that Larry Divins would be this year’s recipient of the annual Bausch and Lomb Science Award presented in the school. Divins is one of 170,000 students who have received the award since it originated in 1933. Thirty percent of these winners have made their careers in various fields of science.

1/10/1959 – Ninety-six pints of blood were donated during the Red Cross Bloodmobile operation in the basement of Kittanning Telephone Company building. Two-gallon pins were awarded to Mrs. Dan Yap and Claude Consla for delivery of their 16th pints of gift blood.

1/10/1959 – Staff Sergeant and Mrs. Sidney Elder and daughter Debra Kay are enroute to Germany where Sgt. Elder, an Army career man, will be stationed for several years.

1/10/1959 – A. B. Eadie of Kittanning was appointed to membership on the Armstrong County Board of Viewers by Judge J. Frank Graff. The oath of office was administered by Deputy Prothonotary Bobbi McGeary.

1/10/1949 – About 175 Worthington grade school pupils filed into their own building this morning for the first time in almost six years.

1/10/1949 – Three district doctors have moved their offices to the Medical Center, 280 North Jefferson Street. Robert W. Kline, MD, Edward D. Bierer, MD, both of Kittanning, and Frank H. McNutt Jr., MD, of Ford City are practicing in the center.

1/10/1949 – Dr. William Henry Nix, widely known Armstrong County doctor, died in his home on Church Street, Worthington, following a long-time illness.

1/10/1949 – The only Negro Spanish American War veteran in Armstrong County has finally “popped the question.” A 74-year-old bachelor James Brooks of South McKean Way asked Theodora Hart, 42, of South McKean Way to be his bride. The couple made application for a marriage license at the courthouse.

1/10/1944 – Capt. Hays B. Mast, Rimer native and a one-time Kittanning school student, who, since the outbreak of war has been ferrying fighter aircraft all over the world, has been recorded by the War Department as killed in action on November 26, 1943 on a flight between India and China.

1/10/1939 – A large number of Kittanning people sped to Indiana to join a crowd of several thousand who assembled to watch firemen battle a $100,000 fire in the heart of the business district.

1/10/1939 – Luther Widdowson, for ten years superintendent of the Penn Transit bus lines in this district, was honored at a farewell dinner given by bus drivers and mechanics who work on the Leechburg, New Kensington, and Kittanning lines.

1/10/1934 – Kittanning School Board has placed an order with the Autocall Company for a five-station fire gong alarm system which will be installed in the high school building.

1/10/1934 – Joseph T. Atkinson was appointed at a special meeting of Freeport Town Council as general supervisor of all CWA projects being carried on in Freeport.

1/10/1929 – Art has been added to the curriculum of Ford City Schools. Mrs. Maud G. Purdie has been elected to teach it.

1/10/1929 – Joseph Dentici has leased the first floor of the Nulton House property, North Jefferson Street, expecting to convert it into a large fruit store.

1/10/1929 – Mrs. Annie M. Bartz, widow of Dr. U. S. Bartz of Rural Valley, died in Indiana Hospital. Dr. Bartz died unexpectedly last week.