Bagged Parking Meters Confuse Driving Public

Bagged parking meters are confusing drivers, as they think the parking space is available. Instead, it just tells motorists there is free parking throughout Kittanning now through end of December.

Kittanning Borough decided to give shoppers a Christmas gift by not charging for parking from December 10 through January 1.

Since many people were not aware of it, the police department began bagging meters with red bags. However, it caused a stir. Many people came out to move their vehicles, thinking the meters were bagged for no parking.

“You can’t read the printing on the bag that says it is free parking unless you walk right up to it,” one motorist said. Another one was complaining at Sheetz about the town bagging all of its meters, thinking no parking was allowed.

So from now until New Year’s Day, save your quarters, dimes and nickels. Parking meters will be back in operation in 2019 with an expected revenue of more than $60,000.