Free Masks Available to Residents With Breathing Difficulties

Special masks are available at no charge to any Armstrong County resident that needs to protect their lungs from the cold air this winter.

If the cold air is literally taking your breath away, there is help for that. An agency is providing breathing masks at no charge to anyone who has problems being in the winter cold air.

The agency is called Breathe Pennsylvania. Representative Carla Conrad said the organization is dedicated to lung health.

“We have been in western PA since early 1900. We offer a free cold weather mask. It is a foam mask that you put over your nose and mouth and it hooks around your ears and you wear it when you go out in cold weather.”

Conrad said the masks are very different from the ones available in home improvement stores.

“It is made entirely of foam. It serves to support your upper airway to help it warm and humidify your breath. When you get that colder air through your mouth or nose, by the time it reaches your lungs, it should be body temperature. When it is really cold and you breathe in the cold air, your airway does not have a good chance to warm, filter, and humidify that cold breath. By wearing this mask, the foam catches your exhaled breath, and that heated exhaled air. Then when you take in your next breath, you recapture some of that heat and humidity.”

The mask is available free to anyone in Armstrong County simply by asking for it. It will be shipped at no charge. Call 724-772-1750 to place your order or go to the Breathe Pennsylvania website.