Ford City to Assist 15 Local Families for Christmas

Ford City Mayor Jeff Cogley said their police department are collecting presents for families in the community.

The Ford City Police Department is stepping up to make Christmas brighter for 15 local families in the borough.

Mayor Jeff Cogley said the Christmas Adopt-A-Family initiative came from the Armstrong County Community Action Agency.

“We got in contact with Community Action and we asked them if (they had identified) any families with kids in our Borough that we can support. They had 15 families that they came up with.  We want to support our community. We are trying to collect presents. Donors can come down to the police station and we have a paper with their wish list made out on each family or an individual child. It includes their clothes sizes, age, and their first names. Then people can go out and shop for them.”

Cogley said there is privacy for the families involved.

“All they will know is the first name of the child. The donors will not know who the families are. Once we collect it, we will give it back to Community Action and then they will distribute it to the families.”

Cogley said he is not looking for monetary donations, but rather people who will actually go and shop for gifts.  He said there wasn’t a spending limit placed on each gift and the giver will have great latitude in selecting gifts.

“The list has types of toys they like to play with, so it is on the donor’s discretion how much they want to spend.”

This is not the first time the police department has participated with Community Action.

“We did this several years back and people are pretty generous. They make sure the child has a good Christmas.”

Cogley said the presents need to be turned into the police department by December 12. The police station is open weekdays from 9AM till 3PM for the convenience of the public.

“We want to make sure we have enough, in case we need to go out and get a few items before we turn it in.”

For more information, call the police department at 724-763-9024.