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To get a better night’s sleep – paint your bedroom BLUE. Shades of blue have been shown to lower blood pressure and slow your heart rate. And researchers have found that blue triggers the production of melatonin – which is a brain chemical that helps you relax and sleep more soundly… People whose bedrooms are painted blue get the most sleep – an average of 7 hours and 52 minutes a night.

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be the same without mashed potatoes… right? Maybe so, but consider, this year, serving whole baked potatoes, and maybe enjoy the gravy without the guilt! It turns out that mashing potatoes causes 25% more sugar to be released into our blood. That’s because mashing breaks open starch granules, releasing extra starches that turn into sugar. It’s just like how eating apple sauce releases more sugar than a whole apple. Bottom line: The less manipulated or broken down a food is, the less sugar is released when it’s digested. Maybe your family doesn’t need to kiss their fave mashed potatoes goodbye forever, but a whole lot of good could be found from their whole baked potatoes, so share this today from The John Tesh Radio Show!

You know that tea with honey is a great combination… But so is coffee with honey! According to the Respiratory Journal, when scientists had patients with a nagging cough drink coffee with honey for one week – their coughing frequency dropped by 93%! That’s because caffeine is in the same chemical family as a bronchodilator used to treat asthma. As for honey, it not only coats the throat – the polyphenols speed healing – plus, it has anti-bacterial properties to kill germs in your throat. So go ahead- share this healthy tip with your friends, sweeten your own coffee with honey, or be ready to as we head into cold and flu season, and everyone will be back for more intel every night from The John Tesh Radio Show on AM 1380 & FM 103.7, WTYM – Radio for Your Neighborhood!