TESH: Three Pieces of Intel You Should Not Ignore

Cold and flu season is here already for some of us- most certainly on the way for the rest of us! Get back on track quickly this season, though, even IF you catch a bug. How? Chicken soup- it really is good for the common cold!
1. Chicken contains an amino acid that loosens mucus and improves respiratory function.
2. Veggies, like carrots and potatoes, boost immune function to help fight infections.
3. The broth can help you clear your sinuses! Clear, thin fluids, like broth, thin out your mucus. Staying healthy is the best, for sure, but please share this healthy intel with friends who may not be so fortunate this virus season from The John Tesh Radio Show!

Here’s a heads up for you and your friends: Be careful on the road now that we have switched back to Standard Time! For up to a week after the time change, people aren’t used to driving home in darkness, which leads to an increase in accidents. The time change also throws off our circadian rhythms. According to the National Safety Commission, that means we’re more distracted and don’t think as clearly until our bodies adjust. So we’re more likely to have accidents overall – in the car, at home or at work. Safety first!!

Sleep Tip: If you always wake up during the night, try massaging your ankles before bed… specifically the indentations just below your ankle bones. Researchers at the University of Arkansas say an ankle massage stimulates the nerve pathways that boost production of the calming hormone oxytocin… Which should help you wake up less often during the night. Experts say that three minutes of massage is all it takes for a better night’s sleep.