Civic Center Sponsors Halloween Party

“Daddy Dinosaur” Nathan Clark from Worthington, is holding his two-and-a-half-year-old son, Ashton, who also has a dinosaur costume. Angelica Koffman from Butler (left) is with her friend, Addison Llewellyn, from Worthington and stopped by to pose for a picture.

The Worthington-West Franklin Civic Center held a Halloween Party last night for the community.

Children and even some adults competed in various age categories for prizes.  Several hundred participants were treated to hot dogs and snacks as the costume judging took place.

Mark Hodak, Treasurer of the Civic Center, said this is a way the organization gives back to the community.

“We have face-painting here and the magician making balloon figures for the kids. We want to give back to those who live in the area and support our activities,” Hodak said.

While Board Member Kathy Heilman served as emcee and rounded up the ghosts, goblins, and other costumed figures in the room for judging, Magician Thom Lang from Sewickley performed what he calls “mingle magic”.

“A lot of times when you do an event like this, there are kids three or four years old. They are not going to appreciate things that 12-year-olds do. Whatever the age is, we do things to relate to that child,” Lang said.

Lang said many times the children are waiting in line to have their face painted by his wife, who assists him, and he will do balloons for them.

“We get a lot out of it ourselves, when that kid looks at himself in the mirror with that look of amazement. It does a lot for us also!”

Worthington Chief of Police Lou Zelepos was present to insure the safety of the families during the event.