Softball Boosters Vendor Show is Successful

School Vendor Show Coordinator Paula Berry said the Armstrong High School event last Saturday was a success.

A vendor show held last Saturday at Armstrong High School has been labeled as a success by its sponsors.

Paula Berry, president of the Armstrong High School Softball Boosters, said the event was to provide funds for the Varsity, Junior Varsity, and 7th and 8th Grade Fall Ball.

“We have invited crafters and vendors to come and sell and show off the work they do. We are going to sell some food and do raffles to make some money for the support of the softball team. We help with equipment, snacks and food for games, and apparel.  We are hoping to at least make $1,700.”

Berry said a total of 33 vendors lined the lobby and the Senior High Cafeteria.

“Several local vendors, but others coming from up and down Route 28.  In the past year, I went to different shows, and picked up cards everywhere and left a note for them to keep this date, so we have people from all over.”

Berry said attendance was better than what she expected.

“The turnout is better. We moved the vendor show from the gym because of the basketball tournament at the same time. Their people are coming over here, so the turnout is better. I would like to plan this together for next year as well.”

Berry said the students were very helpful.

“One of the things with vendors shows that is different – all of our players help them unload and load. Several vendors have said that does not happen at other shows. So I commend our girls for helping out as much as they do.”