Historical Headlines – October 15

10/15/1968 – E. Russell Schall retired as rural mail carrier after more than 26 years with the Post Office. His rural route was located east of Ford City, in Garretts Run and Brick Church vicinity. He plans to hunt, garden, and travel during his retirement years.

10/15/1968 – A deficit in the blood program was the chief concern of the Armstrong County American Red Cross chapter board of directors during a meeting in the East Market Street headquarters of the chapter. George Capone, chapter chairman, appointed a committee to check into the deficity.

10/15/1968 – A major fire at the New Bethlehem Hotel on Arch Street was averted when the proprietor, Mrs. Zellar Anthony, awakened and smelled smoke. Mrs. Anthony lives in an apartment over the bar. She went downstairs to find the bar and dining room full of smoke at 3:40 AM. Blaze was caused by an electrical short in the cooler.

10/15/1968 – Dennis Bringer of Ford City RD3 and Richard Ball of Kittanning RD2 were among 14 recent enlistees in the U.S. Air Force through the New Kensington recruiting office. Both will receive six weeks of basic training at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas.

10/15/1963 – Ford City- School guidance counselors and administrators today reported a record turnout of more than 1000 people for their 8th annual Armstrong Co. College Night program held last night at Ford City HS.

10/15/1958 – “Miss BPW  of 1958” was the title conferred on Miss Hazel Gibson of Kittanning Business and Professional Women’s Club as they held a luncheon at Clark’s Grill.

10/15/1958 – George N. Himes of 135 Rebecca St., printer at the Leader Times, underwent surgery in Armstrong Co. Memorial Hospital where he is reported “doing fine”.

10/15/1953 – Maj. Raymond Popson. 31, rides Secret X-5 into side of mountain. The Kittanning Air Force test pilot’s death occurred within a few hours and a few miles of that of another Kittanning airman, Capt. Charles W. Brosius.

10/15/1953 – North Buffalo Twp. school directors are planning to move students into their new elementary school. A director said today that the contractor has been told to complete his work by Monday so that the building can be readied for use.

10/15/1953 – East Brady- This town’s Ben Franklin (variety) store went on a serve yourself basis today, following installation of new fixtures and equipment.

10/15/1948 – Ford City- A fighting Ford City HS 11 tested the dregs of defeat for the 6th consecutive time last night as it bowed to Leechburg 20-13.

10/15/1948 – Thirty-two Armstrong Co. men ages 24 and 25 may be inducted into the Army should they pass their physical examinations in Pittsburgh.

10/15/1943 – A parade and an outdoor rally will mark the opening of “WAVE Week” in the Kittanning district.

10/15/1943 – Nose counting at Armstrong Co. Memorial Hospital revealed that 24 newborn wee ones are under hospital care. The hospital nursery, equipped with 24 bassinets, is filled to overflowing. Emergency provisions have been made to care for other ones as the need arises.

10/15/1938 – A haze so dense that 2 district football games were called off and transportation by air and on the ground was kept virtually at a standstill, darkened a western PA area extending from Lake Erie down to the Ohio Valley.

10/15/1938 – The question whether employees of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. shall bargain on a plant or nationwide basis was forwarded to the National Labor Relations Board at Washington for what labor leaders describe as a “vital” decision.

10/15/1938 – Lights blinking from its nose, tail, and either side, a low riding blimp of the Goodyear Rubber Co. cut a leisurely course across Kittanning at nightfall, occasioning considerable neck craning on the part of local ones attracted by the throb of the ship’s 2 motors.

10/15/1928 – Ford City- A committee of American Legion members is at work on a project to establish a reorganized airport for Ford City. It would be located on the east hill overlooking the town.

10/15/1928 – Fifteen years ago Ford City had what was generally known as the “Twin Pine Canoe Club”. The club was abandoned later because of the condition of the river, which was seldom navigable at the time. Since the Allegheny River has been slackwatered, it is possible to travel at all times and a number of Ford City people are interested in organizing a similar club, which should be started before January 1.