House Republican Whip Criticized Governor’s Record

Representative Bryan Cutler was interviewed yesterday morning on WTYM AM 1380 / FM 103.7.

Political opponents of Governor Tom Wolf used this week to stump for Republican-opponent Scott Wagner in western Pennsylvania.

PA House Republican Whip, Representative Bryan Cutler, appeared on the WTYM radio morning show Thursday to “set the record straight” on claims that Governor Wolf has made.

“There is no question the governor plays a role in the legislative process by either signing or vetoing a bill once it has passed both chambers of the Legislature. This governor allowed 21 bills to become law without his approval.”

Cutler pointed to the 2015-16, 2016-17, and 2017-18 budgets that became law without a signature or veto of the governor. Yet, Cutler said, the Governor has taken the credit for the results of those budgets when it was actually the House and Senate that was responsible, and the Governor took no position.

“The budgets substantially increased the funding for our students and schools ($1.5 billion in new school funding). In addition, we were able to deposit $22 million into the Rainy Day Fund – the first such deposit since 2006.”

Cutler said the Legislature has prioritized education in their budget process each year.

“The Legislature increased money for our schools year after year, bringing us to today’s historic level. This year is the only year the Governor has signed the budget, so while his campaign can claim how much he did, Pennsylvanians should know the factual story.”

Wagner announced that he was out of money in his campaign earlier this week. Wolf has outperformed him at fundraising five to one and has been able to outspend Wagner.

President Trump endorses Pennsylvania Candidate for Governor Scott Wagner at an appearance in Erie on October 10.