Historic Headlines – October 12

10/12/1968 – The first day out for a new dump truck owned by George Schall of Ford City RD1 proved to be a costly one. The truck caught fire and ruined a $200 tire yesterday about 3:30 PM on the Tarrtown Road. Schall said the truck had less that 100 miles registered when the brakes caught fire.

10/12/1968 – An expanded recreation area for Bradys Bend is expected to make a closer step towards realization next week. The Federal government has already earmarked $80,233 for the project which is hoped to give the northwestern portion of Armstrong County an economic shot in the arm.

10/12/1968 – Pfc. John Krecota is at a hospital in Can Tho, Vietnam, where he is recuperating from wounds he received while serving with the 9th Infantry Dicision. He is the son of Mr. & Mrs. John Krecota of Yatesboro. He has been in Vietnam since August 10 of this year.

10/12/1968 – Ford City mail carriers are now motorized and are the first mailmen in the district to operate trucks as aids to deliveries. There are five carriers delivering both mail and parcel post. Previously, there were four carriers and one parcel post man. Postmaster Thomas Benner said “Today’s mail service is a far cry from when mail carrier service started in 1917 in Ford City with two carriers on foot all the way.”

10/12/1968 – In observance of Fire Prevention Week, firemen from East Franklin Township made calls at five schools in East Franklin and Washington Townships, holding surprise fire drills and lecturing on fire fighting.

10/12/1963 – Kittanning Senior HS has become the first Armstrong Co. School to make use of a language lab with the installation this week of a $7500 tape recorder, teaching machine.

10/12/1953 – Robert D. Houser, Templeton RD 1 returned to his home from Brookville Hospital where he was taken for X-rays after being injured in a farm accident.

10/12/1953 – 50 people were placed in gainful employment during Sept. thru the facilities of the Kittanning office of the State Bureau of Employment Security, Edmond Maganelli, manager of the office reported.

10/12/1948 – The final game of the 1948 World Series baseball game was seen over a TV receiving set in Ford City Monday afternoon marking the first time in history that such reception has been received in the town.

10/12/1948 – The congregation of the First United Methodist Church will hold a reception Wednesday night for Rev. and Mrs. Richard B. Callahan. The event will be to welcome Mr. Callahan upon his return to the local church to begin the 5th year of his pastorate.

10/12/1943 – The 2nd annual dinner meeting of Kittanning Chamber of Commerce will be held tonight in the Alexander Hotel.

10/12/1943 – Much interest was shown in a Home Nursing class which met Monday night in the Linnon building. More than 50 women were in attendance at the initial meeting.

10/12/1938 – Kittanning HS varsity gridders will have their reward for the bruises and batterings of the HS grid campaign as guests of the Athletic Association at the Pitt-Fordam game at Pitt Stadium.

10/12/1938 – The head-on collision of 2 cars Sunday morning near Plumville claimed its 4th victim when an 18 year old Dayton HS senior succumbed in Indiana Hospital.

10/12/1933 – The cornerstone for the new church being built at Mount Union will be laid with impressive ceremonies Sunday afternoon. The Kittanning Boys’ Band will furnish music for the occasion.

10/12/1933 – With the placing of a 2nd shift in the carding, spinning, and finishing dept. of Graff Woolen Mills at Worthington, business activity has picked up again, and a means of livelihood furnished to 70-75 workers who were automatically thrown out of work when fire destroyed the building and its contents last winter.

10/12/1928 – Mrs. Nancy J. Moore of near Rural Valley died at her home.

10/12/1928 – Ford City- According to the record kept by F.H. McNutt, registrar of vital statistics, there were 17 births and 5 deaths in Ford City and Ford Cliff in September.