Senior Center Plans Big Grocery Sale on Saturday

Worthington Senior Center Manager Helen Booher has been innovative in coming up with fund-raising activities to help their center, such as a senior prom, yard sales, and now a gigantic grocery sale.

The Worthington Senior Center is holding a gigantic grocery sale this Saturday. However, bring a cooler or ice chest because you will want to keep your stuff cold if you are the successful bidder!

The Senior Center has contracted with a New Dawn Enterprises from Hanover, PA, a registered food vendor, to auction off a full truckload of food, frozen meats, and dry goods along with some new merchandise.

“This auction should help you save dollars on your food bill,” said “Irish Mike,” Sullivan, owner of New Dawn Enterprises. He estimates there will be as many as 400 different items. “There will be prime rib, chicken, lunch meat, chips, cakes, condiments, canned goods, snacks, paper products, cleaning supplies, drinks, and a whole lot more.

Sullivan has specialized in these types of sales for the past 10 years throughout Pennsylvania and surrounding states.

“I buy overstock from distribution companies and manufacturers. They contact me. On the secondary market, I get 800 loaves of bread. I have been dealing with 40 different companies. Sometimes grocery stores will have excess inventory.  We don’t deal in salvage or trash. I refuse to deal with salvage companies. I deal with all licensed legitimate companies.  I am licensed by the state and inspected regularly and have never had a violation.  Some items will sell for as much as 70% off.”

Sullivan said most of his outlets are fund-raising events.

“We team up with a lot of non-profit organizations and help them raise money such as boy scouts, youth groups, 4H clubs, and as many as 36 different fire departments. They get a percentage of the money after sale.”

Worthington Senior Center Manager Helen Booher said her volunteers will also be selling food such as cabbage and noodles, hot dogs and sauerkraut, and hot sausage as well as beverages at the sale.

The event will be held in the Worthington-West Franklin Civic Center gymnasium beginning at 4PM. The public is invited to attend.