TESH: Four Pieces of Intel You Need to Know

Did you know? We slouch when we’re unhappy – but slouching can also MAKE us unhappy! The Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry reports that researchers found when people were asked to walk with their shoulders hunched over, they experienced worse moods. Plus, when people walked while slouching, they had more negative thoughts than positive ones! So lift your chin up and roll your shoulders back for a more positive outlook! Then, my optimistic friends, be sure to share this with your friends to make their day more positive, too!

Bacon can be tough to get out of the pack. Next time, try this: roll the package into a tube first, before you open it; that makes it easier to separate the slices!

Here’s a little intel for your listeners who care for little (sometimes picky eater) ones! Try this trick to get your kid to eat their vegetables… Make them into a smiley face. Like, arrange bell pepper slices into a smile on their salad. Or melt a little cheese on their spinach in the shape of a smiley face. Not only are we hard wired to respond to a smile by smiling back – even if that smile is made from green beans – that smile encourages kids to eat 30% more vegetables.

Ever wonder why some stuff (aka…trash!) smells more in the Summer months? You’re not wrong; it actually is the hot weather! That’s because odor molecules move a lot faster in hot weather- which means smells travel farther on a hot day than a cold day. Also, our noses work better… So, we’re more sensitive to smells in hot weather. And when you combine all those factors, we simply smell more stuff in summer! Well, it may not be the most profound piece of intelligence we’ve shared, but my money’s on you to give your friends a good laugh today. Remind them there is more great intel tonight on The John Tesh Radio Show from 6-9 on WTYM AM 1380 / FM 103.7.