Supervisors Approve Rules for Fort Run Park

Supervisors approved policies governing the use of the Manor Township Fort Run Park and Playground at their September 19 work session.

Manor Township Supervisors approved an ordinance at last night’s meeting that will outline policies for their new recreational park.

The Manor Township Fort Run Park and Playground Ordinance covers the use, operation, and conduct of persons using the property.

The ordinance establishes that no use shall be made of the facility from dusk until dawn unless a permit has been obtained from the Township. It also designates areas for parking.

General non-littering language is included as well as establishing penalty for defacing property or equipment.

No person shall light a fire in the park except in grills for cooking or fireplaces. All dogs or other domesticated pets must be on a leash and aggressive animals must be muzzled. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their animal and properly disposing of the waste.

Aerial drones as well as ATVs and cycles are not permitted without written permission of the Township. Use of skateboards is also prohibited except in designated skateboard locations. Roller-blading is restricted to park walking trails and must be done in a manner that respects the use of the trail by others.

Permits must be obtained for sale of merchandise, musical or theatrical entertainment, gatherings in excess of 25 persons, or use by an organization or group other than a Township governmental function.

A group requesting a permit is required to carry $500,000 in property and liability insurance.

Violations carry up to $1,000 in fines. Imprisonment not to exceed 90 days could result if fine is not paid.

The public can see the complete four-page document by visiting the Manor Township Municipal Building during regular office hours.