Pre-Diabetes Program Funded Through YMCA Annual Campaign

YMCA Operations Coordinator Brad Graham (left) and YMCA Healthy Living Coordinator Sarah Roudebush discussed the new pre-diabetes program and the YMCA annual campaign with Jack Dunmire on “Talk of the Town” several weeks ago.

The Richard G. Snyder YMCA in Kittanning has launched their new program for diabetes prevention.

“The YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program is for those who are pre-diabetic,” said Sarah Roudebush, YMCA Healthy Living Coordinator.  “We are trying to prevent Type II diabetes.”

Roudebush said those individuals with Type I or II diabetes already do not qualify for the program.

Pre-diabetes is a condition in which a person’s blood glucose is elevated, but not high enough for a diabetes diagnosis. The YMCA program is a group-based lifestyle intervention for adults at high-risk of developing Type II diabetes. These types of programs have shown to reduce the number of new cases of diabetes by 58% overall and by 71% in adults over 60.

“It is for those who are at risk of developing Type I or II diabetes,” Roudebush said. “There are different qualifications for the program. You must be 18 years of age or older. You must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 25, which is determined by height and weight. We also look at blood glucose tests to determine if you are in a certain range.”

Individuals can assess their risk for pre-diabetes by taking a simple test at Internet visitors can also learn how lifestyle choices and family history help determine the ultimate risk for developing the disease.

Roudebush said membership at the YMCA is not required to participate in the program.

“As health care evolves, community-based organizations like the YMCA will play a key role in chronic disease prevention, increasing access to services that are outside of a traditional clinical environment,” Roudebush said.

Financial assistance for the program is available through the annual campaign that raises funds to address vital community needs ensuring that all are welcome and have access to essential programs.

“We are able to provide these programs and roll them out through the generous giving of the community,” added Brad Graham, YMCA Operations Coordinator. “Our community faces a lot of different challenges. The true measure of community is the desire to give back to those in need. Our mission at the RGS YMCA is youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. We believe we are perfectly positioned to alleviate a lot of these things in the community.”

Funds are currently being solicited for the annual campaign which is now in progress through November 1.