River Locks Closed for the Weekend

(KP 2017 File Photo)

The locks on the Allegheny River will be closed this weekend, according to the Allegheny River Development Corporation (ARDC) Facebook post.

“Out of safety concerns due to high water and heavy debris in the river, ARDC has canceled the scheduled lock operations at Allegheny River Locks 6, 7, 8,and 9 for Saturday, September 15, and Sunday September 16. Lock 5 will revert to a 7AM to 3PM operations schedule,” the notice states.

ARDC is a non-profit organization that has privately funded lock operations over the past several years when the Army Corps of Engineers said the federal government could not sustain manning the locks due to low volume of commercial users. .

ARDC was the first in the nation to pay the Army Corps to keep the locks open. Through vigorous fundraising activities, the non-profit organization raises over a quarter of a million dollars each year.

(KP 2017 File Photo)