Area Resident Questions Ford City Council on Playground

Ford City Borough spent several months in legal maneuvering that enabled them to give the Fort Run Playground to Manor Township.

     Jerry Miklos

Although the transaction was finalized last Spring, resident and former councilman Jerry Miklos has been an outspoken opponent. His vocalism even got him physically removed at last month’s council meeting.

That didn’t stop him from approaching the subject last Monday night again. He asked Councilwoman Mary Alice Bryant why she voted in favor of turning over the playground to Manor Township.

“It wasn’t being used by (Ford City) residents. It was being used by someone else. It was sitting there and we had to cut the grass and maintain it, but not one child from Ford City was playing in that playground.”

     Mary Alice                 Bryant

Bryant said it was also a gesture of good favor between the municipalities.

“It is to the point where I am ready to help (Manor Township) and they can help me. Who knows whether they will be able to help us in the future for something we may have to ask of them. I may not need something now, but when I need it, I want them to come through for me.”

Miklos also questioned Councilman Marc Mantini on his decision to agree to transfer the Fort Run Park to Manor Township.

    Marc Mantini

“It can only be used as a playground,” Mantini responded. “If they don’t fulfill that, then it goes back to the borough of Ford City. “We had the maintenance on that land many years even though it hasn’t been fully utilized by the citizens of the borough. That land is on the mouth of the sewage plant where it flows into the Allegheny River. I don’t think that (the property) would have been marketable. There are a lot of odors that emanate from the plant.”

Miklos asked Mantini if he had researched other uses for the property. Mantini said that he did not, then asked Miklos if he had done research, to which Miklos responded that he did.

At this point, Council President Carol Fenyes brought the topic to a close since there is a five-minute time limit for citizen comments.