Preschool Program Offered in Ford City

Little Apples Preschool is located in Armstrong Plaza at the corner of Fifth Street and Third Avenue in Ford City. 

Little Apples Preschool Program, located in the Armstrong Plaza, in Ford City currently has openings for children ages 3 to 5 years old.

Little Apples is staffed exclusively by PA certified teachers and highly qualified paraprofessionals. Class sizes are small and the curriculum follows Pennsylvania Learning Standards for Early Childhood. This means that students who attend Little Apples will enter Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten with the best possible preparation.

Little Apples provides an inclusive environment for children who have typical learning needs as well as children who have specific needs. This classroom approach benefits all children, no matter what their needs are. Kids who need assistance with certain developmental areas such as speech and language learn alongside children who do not have such needs, and “typically developing” kids learn important social skills such as tolerance and empathy.

Little Apples offers a Monday/Wednesday class in the morning, a Tuesday/Thursday class in the morning, and a Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday class in the afternoon.

Parents or guardians who are seeking opportunities for their 3 to 5 year olds should contact Milissa Johns at 724-463-5300, x-1222 or

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