Historical Headlines – August 22

“We have a magic record player at school,” said a little boy. “You don’t have to use electricity-just wind it up with a crank.”

8/22/1968 – The State Department of Public Welfare reported today that 70 residents of Armstrong County are receiving long-term institutional care.  Two are in private nursing homes while the remaining 68 are in public institutions.

8/22/1968 – Levi pants were featured for young men and priced between $4.98 and $9.00 at Apple’s in Ford City.

8/22/1963 – Salvation Army official ones here today announced expected signing soon of a contract for a new headquarters “citadel” on South Jefferson Street.

8/22/1963 – Three power firms engaged in building the 1,800,000 kilowatt Keystone Generating Station near Elderton, today announced that a Windsor, CT firm has been awarded a contract to supply 2 huge steam generators. The contract is reported to be the largest single order ever awarded for steam generating equipment.

8/22/1958 -M-Sgt. Ronald L Brown, Army recruiter here for the past 5 years will leave for duty in the Far East on 3 Sept. He completed his tour of duty here today.

8/22/1958 – A half-starved collie was reunited with his 9-year-old master after the dog was dragged from a 15 ft. abandoned well where he had been trapped for 8 days. Ringer, a 2-year-old collie who had never been known to wander any further than the school bus stop with his young master, Ricky Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Jones, East Brady RD 1, turned up missing 12 Aug.

8/22/1958 – A new feature has been added to Kiddieland Park, Norman Staley, owner of the park and Staley’s Motel, announced today. The mechanical replica, “Tinytown”, formerly operated in Indiana, will be “ready to roll” by Labor Day, according to Staley.

8/22/1953 – A Dayton area farmer’s team of draft horses copped first place in a horse pulling contest at the Armstrong Co. Free Fair. Barney and Bill, owned and driven by Andy Bussard of Dayton RD 3, outpulled 9 other entries in the competition.

8/22/1953 – The Dionne quintuplets will be separated next month for the first time since their birth 19 years ago when Marie enters the Roman Catholic Order of the Sisters of the Holy Sacrament in Quebec City to become a nun.

8/22/1953 – About 3000 people watched cowboys compete for prizes at the J.E. Ranch rodeo performance at Blanket Hill Speedway.

8/22/1938 – James Baird, 21, of Edmon was fatally injured when the car in which he was riding crashed into a boulder on the Apollo-Maysville Rd.
8/22/1938 – One man was killed and 7 people were injured, one critically, as 2 heavily laden cars collided Sunday at Kepples Corners. Norman Yeko, about 25, resident of Parnassus, was instantly killed.

8/22/1933 – The present season at Camp BuCoCo, official camp of the Butler-Armstrong Area Boy Scout Council, has proven the most successful one in the history of the camp’s aquatic program.

8/22/1933 – The dog-training season officially opened yesterday.

8/22/1928 – Miss Daisy Schaeffer of Walkchalk is in the local hospital with injuries received when she was hit by a car in Walkchalk.

8/22/1928 – Parking space for about 50 cars has been provided on the south side of Market Street adjacent to the courthouse.