Historical Headlines – August 21

Never judge a book by a motion picture of the same title.

8/21/1968 – Ford City Police Chief Patrick Nelson estimated more than 100 bicyclists are without 1968-69 license tags on their bikes. He said 482 have been inspected and licensed to date for the coming year, but estimated 600 bicycles are actually in town. Patrolmen have been ordered to confiscate unlicensed bicycles.

8/21/1968 – The Ford City High School Class of 1928 had their first official reunion. There were 55 persons in attendance, including former teachers Miss Margaret Shubert of Ford City and Mrs. Kathryn McGarvey of Pittsburgh. Class president is Charles Boarts. Master of ceremonies was Edward Steiner. Reminiscing was by Stanley Schaffer. Hubert Rupert asked each classmate to give a short resume of the main events in their lives since graduation to date. The reunion committee included Harold Hileman, Stanley Schaffer, Laura Ludwick, Delores Mazzotta, Charles Boarts, Hubert Rupert, Edward Steiner, and John Szymanski.

8/21/1968 – PABST Remnant Shop at 132 Fifth Avenue in Ford City announced it was going out of business.

8/21/1963 – A Pittsburgh young man who has spent the summer digging for Indian artifacts in the Dayton vicinity considers Armstrong County rich in the buried tracings of the red men’s civilization. Robert Lenzi, who is working on a master’s degree in archaeology, described his research last night in a talk to Kittanning Kiwanis Club.

8/21/1958 – “A wonderful neighborhood- such lush green of countryside,” was Philip Kanner’s answer when asked how he liked Kittanning. He added that the “beautifully developed farms also caught my eye”. Kanner, staff member of the Manufacturers’ Association of the Israeli Gov., has been a guest of Roger Stone, local real estate agent, his wife, and sons, since 29 July.

8/21/1958 – The PA State University will offer extension courses at Kittanning this autumn term. One course to be offered will be Speech Education 440- Speech Education for the Classroom Teacher, allowing 3 credits.

8/21/1958 – Robert R. Croyle of 67 Riverview Dr., New Kensington, will observe his 75th birthday anniversary 24 Aug. He is a native one of Washington Twp.

8/21/1953 – Mrs. Colleen Travis of Smicksburg was named queen at the Butler Farm Show. The young mother of 2 is scheduled to go to Wichita, Kansas, next month to compete for the title of National Flying Farmer Queen.

8/21/1953 – Armstrong Co. Commissioner Walter H. Miller, his wife, and Elmer E. Walker were reported to be in “fair” condition in Armstrong Co. Memorial Hospital where they were taken yesterday for treatment of injuries sustained in an accident that resulted in the death of Mrs. Blanche Walker of Mahoning.

8/21/1948 – Members of Seascout Ship Flying Cloud will act as lifeguards Sunday afternoon at the annual picnic of the Kittanning Moose Lodge.

8/21/1948 – Worthington- The body of Pfc. Roy W. Smith, who was killed in action on 11 November 1944, during an advance on Salival, France, is scheduled to arrive here Monday morning.

8/21/1943 – Snyderville- Mrs. Mae Daugherty, who came here to attend the funeral of an uncle, Harry B. Snyder, and who suffered broken ribs, bad bruises, and shock in a car collision 4 Aug. at the intersection of the Snyderville road and  Route 66 at Baum pump station, was able to leave the hospital. She returned to her home in Washington DC.

8/21/1943 – 15th Army Group Headquarters, Sicily, 20 Aug. (Delayed) Gen. Sir Harold L.G. Alexander, Allied ground commander in the Mediterranean theatre, revealed that 7400 American soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured in the conquest of Sicily.

8/21/1933 – Armstrong County Fair came to a close after one of the most successful 3 day stands in its history. Total attendance was estimated at between 25000 and 30000.

8/21/1933 – Glassworkers of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries formed a United Glass Workers’ Union in Ford City.

8/21/1928 – Mrs. L.E. Biehl of N McKean Street, died suddenly at the home of a daughter, Mrs. E.J. McCleary of Conneaut, Ohio.

8/21/1928 – John E. Leister Senior, well known resident of Kittanning, died yesterday afternoon at his home on S Jefferson Street.