TESH: Try the “Girlfriend Test!”

Okay, guys- if you think you’ve met “the one”, then try “the girlfriend test”- a few experiments to see how she measures up! These tips come from Dr. Scott Haltzman, a psychiatrist and author of “The Secrets of Happily Married Men”:

*First, the woman you marry should be resilient.* So, see if she can rebound from complications. For instance, show up 15 minutes late one evening and see if she can rebound and still enjoy the night. The logic is: If she gets angry or pouty over little things while you’re dating, she’ll find it a lot harder to rebound from bigger disappointments once you’re married.
*The next trait you want in a wife: flexibility.* The test: Cook dinner at her place. If she’s a control freak who can’t let you take charge of her kitchen for an hour, she’ll have a hard time letting you take the reins elsewhere in life.
*And the final trait the woman you marry should have: confidence.* Test it by putting her in the spotlight. For example, take her to a friend’s party, and watch her mingle. If she seeks constant attention from men, she might be needy. If she avoids women, the psychiatrist says she may really want to avoid scrutiny, because women tend to judge each other more harshly than they judge men. So, if she’s chatting up your female friends, you know she’s got a lot of confidence.

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