Historical Headlines – August 8th

One woman describing another: “You might say she’s a decided blonde – with just the slightest bit of hesitation around the roots.”

8/8/1968 – Jamesway Corporation of New York City still has intentions of building a store in Manor Township. Their attorney, Harvey Oshins, said “land is under option, the lease is in effect, and the present intention is to build a Jamesway Store on the property, but I don’t know when or by whom.” The property in question is a tract of land along Route 422 near the Cadet Restaurant. The land is owned by heirs of the James C. Foster estate.

8/8/1968 – Larry D. Maloney was named on the dean’s list at the University of Notre Dame for a second semester of the past academic year. He is the son of Mrs. Ida Maloney of 109 North Grant Avenue, Kittanning, earning a 3.9 average. He is enrolled in the College of Arts and Letters.

8/8/1963 – Robert H. Powers, Armstrong County Register and Recorder, was named first vice president of the register of Wills Association of PA at the annual convention which ended a 3 day session at Penn-Sheraton Hotel, Pittsburgh.

8/8/1958 – Apollo (UPI)- A product manufactured in this Armstrong County community was on its way today to the Atoms for Peace Conference, at Geneva, Switzerland. Dr. Zalman M. Shapiro, president of the Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation, (NUMEC), said atomic fuel was shipped in special containers. The fuel will power an American reactor at the exhibit which opens next month.

8/8/1958 – Owen Beck of Apollo has a problem. He is looking for 3 license plates. Not just ordinary ones, but PA ones issued in 1906, 1907, and 1908. These 3 plates will complete his collection.

8/8/1958 – The Rev. R.D. Merkle will fill the pulpit of Kittanning Free Methodist Church for the first time Sunday morning.

8/8/1953 – Kittanning is now a one and a fraction theatre town as a result of the doldrums which have hit the movie industry. One of the town’s motion picture houses is down to a part time operation, and another one- The Lyceum- is being offered for sale. Only at the State is the pre-television schedule of screening continuing.

8/8/1953 – Freedom Village, Korea- Returned war prisoners disclosed that Chinese doctors used American ones as guinea pigs in fatal medical experiments.

8/8/1938 – A lightning-struck barn at the Armstrong County Home burnt to the ground with a loss of $11,700 early this morning amid scene of extreme danger to volunteer firemen and helpful Home residents and neighbors. Commissioner Chairman E.E. Schaeffer said replacement of the structure will begin “just as soon as the ashes cool”.

8/8/1938 – A large barn was burnt to the ground this morning on the East Franklin Twp. farm of Joseph Riterosky, 1.5 miles east of Cowansville. Lightning was believed to be the cause of the flames, which were fed by grain recently stored in the barn.

8/8/1933 – A total of 104 students who were not in attendance at school last year have registered for the upcoming year.

8/8/1933 – A fire, originating in a damaged flue at the home of H.P. McManus and family, Garretts Run Road, caused considerable damage to the roof of the property before being extinguished at noon Monday.

8/8/1928 – The first concrete was poured on foundation walls for the new Crossett-King building, Market Street.

8/8/1928 – Women teachers who marry during the school year will automatically lose their positions in Kittanning schools, according to a resolution adopted by the school board.

8/8/1928 – Mr. and Mrs. H.E. Parker have purchased a dwelling on Rebecca Street from H.F. Heilman of Indiana.