Historical Headlines – July 13

7/13/1968 – Thirty-nine fathers and sons attended a banquet at the Goheenville Presbyterian Church. Invocation was given by Pearl Calhoun before the ham supper was prepared and served by the women. A song, “That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine” was sung with Carol Shirey providing guitar accompaniment. P. L. Calhoun was the oldest father, and Ted Kline was the youngest father. Prayer by Beryl Calhoun closed the program.

7/13/1968 – A small boy pulled a car out of park and caused it to drift across busy Route 422. The accident occurred at 7:15 pm yesterday at the Dairy Queen on the Indiana Pike. Mrs. Dana Rosenberger, 21, of Mulbraugh, KY, left the car she was driving to go to the stand. While she was away, 18-month-old Scott, released the gearshift and the car drifted across the highway, according to his grandmother, Mrs. Kathleen Lauster of Kittanning RD5, who was a passenger in the car at the time. The car came to rest against the guardrails on the opposite side of the highway.

7/13/1968 – Some $260 in watches was stolen on 7/11/68 from Allen’s Drug Store in Kittanning. Store owner David Brown told police that someone pushed open a window in the basement stairwell located on the north side of the Colwell-Arnold Building.

7/13/1953 – A Ford City couple already the parents of 3 boys and wishing hard for a girl, had their prayers answered threefold when triplet girls were born yesterday morning at Armstrong County Memorial Hospital. The parents are Mr. and Mrs. Henry R Mores of 709 4th Ave.

7/13/1953 – There will be no new road northward into Templeton, it was learnt today, but the present highway will undergo extensive improvements at the “earliest possible” time.

7/13/1953 – Threshing this afternoon and tomorrow at the Mahoning RD1 farm of Dennis Hopper will be done by a puffing monster straight from the past. The clattering stream threshing engine which remained in service until 5 years ago, is being demonstrated by RC Montgomery of Mahoning.

7/13/1948 – American Army engineers are inviting bids for the lease of land as a commercial dock site in the Crooked Creek reservoir area. The lease will be for the term of 27 months, beginning August one 1948 and ending 31 Oct 1950.

7/13/1948 – Kittanning police have made charges against 6 more people in their new campaign against speeders and parking regulation violators.

7/13/1943 – The Carl Magan family of Templeton has received a letter from Secretary of the Navy Frank Knox, officially informing them of the death of their son, Jack Francis Magan. The death occurred more than a year ago, when the aircraft carrier Yorktown was sunk in the battle of Midway.

7/13/1943 – Armstrong County commissioners have received official certification from Harrisburg to conduct a special election along with the Autumn primary one 14 Sept 1943, for the naming of a state assemblyman. The successful candidate will hold office until December one, 1944, in the unexpired term of Herbert G Gates of Kittanning. Gates resigned as state assemblyman recently to be a candidate for the office of prothonotary.

7/13/1938 – 30 Armstrong County youths were sent to the Civilian Conservation Corps camp at Shelocta, it was learnt today at the county public assistance headquarters in Ford City.

7/13/1938 – In a business meeting at club headquarters in the Steim Hotel, Kittanning, officers and directors of Armstrong Kennel Club completed plans for autumn trials to be staged one and 2 Oct.

7/13/1933 – Newly elected officers of the Junior Order United American Mechanics were installed here. Isaac Jackson Jr was installed Past Councilor.

7/13/1928 – The wholesale price of eggs today was 32-cents a dozen.

7/13/1928 – On her way home from the funeral of Mrs. W.R. Holt of New Bethlehem, a sister, Miss Clara Shores, died unexpectedly on the train.

7/13/1928 – G.C. Todd of Manor Twp, who is employed in the construction dept. of the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co, has been transferred to Crystal City, MO.