Historical Headlines – July 12

7/12/1968 – Harvey Wall of Dayton RD2 only had charred remains of his barn that was destroyed by fire yesterday afternoon. The blaze killed six heifers and ruined a truck, tractor, bale loader and milking machine equipment. The fire was started by lightning and the whole barn was in flames within seconds after striking.

7/12/1968 – On a divided vote, the Armstrong School District approved plans for the conversion of the Pleasant View School at the intersection of Pleasant View Drive and Main Street in Ford City into an administration building. Negative votes were cast by Mrs. Joseph P. Costanza, Nevin C. Rupert, and Elzie M. White. Voting for the resolution were directors Joseph H. McClaine, Mrs. Frank H. McNutt Jr., Dr. Donald W. Minteer, W. Joseph Morgan, and J. Fred Sherburne.

7/12/1968 – Girls were selected to represent area fire companies in a beauty contest for the Western Pennsylvania Firemen’s Association Firemen’s Queen next month. Selected were: Debbie Stubbs (Hose Co #1), Jayne Dentici (Hose Co #4), Linda Relich (Hose Co #6), Holly Rugh (West Kittanning), Sharon Hooks (Applewold), Judy Clever (Rayburn), Salley Bowser (East Franklin).

7/12/1963 – Michael Conrad Jr, Worthington post office employee, has been nominated by President John F. Kennedy to be postmaster of the Armstrong County borough.

7/12/1963 – Ford City- About 1500 people are expected to travel by chartered bus to the Ford City Community Picnic 20 July at Kennywood Park.

7/12/1963 – Miss Dana Yapp, 16, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P Yapp, 1516 N Grant Ave, Kittanning, has arrived in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, where she is visiting an uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent L Crawford.

7/12/1958 – A full courtroom heard Judge J Frank Graff tell a Republican rally at Armstrong County Courthouse at noon today that “unity, harmony, and hard work will win this fight”.

7/12/1958 – Armstrong County voters may not get a chance this year to decide whether or not they want a county health program. Dr CB Slease, county medical director, said that “the issue won’t be brought up at the coming election”.

7/12/1958 – “It’s nothing like the good old days,” says Sarah Mulgrew, 2nd trick watchman at the Union Ave crossing of the PA Railway here. “Compared to my first year as watchman, things have really slowed down,” she continued.

7/12/1948 – A crowd of people described as “enormous” jammed the platform at the railway station here for the arrival of the body of Sgt Frank J Hrabovsky. He was killed 25 June 1944 in the invasion of the Normandy beachhead in France.

7/12/1948 – Glassworkers granted 10c hourly raise. Agreement reached at 4am today, affecting 16,000 workers in 10 plants.

7/12/1943 – Allied invaders take 10 Sicilian towns in drive. Communique reports good progress in conquest of island, 2,000 prisoners captured; American flag flies over Syracuse, LIcta, Paratroopers spark initial onslaught.

7/12/1943 – A carnival, featuring Eddies Exposition Shows, opened today at the Edgewood intersection of Indiana and Ford City road. The carnival, under sponsorship of Kittanning American Legion post, will continue all week.

7/12/1938 – State Senator C Hale Sipe of near Freeport will receive a medal within a few days from Crown Prince Gustav Adolf, King of Sweden, for his part in recognition of New Sweden as the first seat of constitutional gov. on the North American continent.

7/12/1938 – Announcement has been made by Dr CS Miller, president of Butler-Armstrong Area Council of Boy Scouts of America, that William W. Livermore of Doylestown has accepted the position of Scout executive for the council. He is scheduled to take charge in Butler on 16 August.

7/12/1933 – A fire of unknown origin destroyed a small stable on the Charles Goldinger farm, a short distance from Toys Crossroads on the East Brady road.

7/12/1933 – Benches for use in the bandstand at Kittanning town park will be constructed and placed in the park within a short time, according to a Town Council member.

7/12/1928 – PJ Burford, 63, well known contractor, died in the hospital here.

7/12/1928 – Impressive ceremonies marked dedication of a new Presbyterian Church in East Brady.