PETS: Adopt a Special Pet from Local Shelter!

Maxine and Pappy are the Orphans of the Week. *Maxine* is a medium-aged kitty. She is very nice and super friendly. She has a tear duct that runs which scares some people away from wanting to adopt her. *Pappy* is a Retriever mix, and a great dog who has a few years on him. He doesn’t act it, though and loves taking walks in the field with volunteers. To visit with either of these pets and consider adoption, call Orphans of the Storm in Rayburn Township at 724-548-4520.

Orphans of the Storm is located in Armstrong County. We were established in 1969 to provide temporary shelter for unwanted and abused animals. We match
lovable animals with loving forever homes, educate the public on humane, responsible care of all animals, and promote spaying and neutering to
reduce companion animal overpopulation. Orphans of the Storm is a no-kill animal shelter. This means we euthanize an animal only if it is suffering
with no hope to be cured, or if the animal is a danger to people or other animals.