Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association Quiet After Seeking Legal Counsel

by KP intern Kyle Predmore

The Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association (FAHA) held their general membership meeting last night in the administration building at Crooked Creek Horse Park.

The board members present were asked if there were any issues about the parks lease from Manor Township from the association’s perspective.

“We cannot comment on that,” FAHA president Laura Wilson said. “We have sought out legal counsel and were advised not to comment on it until our meeting on August 22.”

Manor Township Supervisor Chairman Don Palmer during a supervisors meeting on July 5th that the FAHA has issues with the current lease agreement and does not want to comply with all of the stipulations in the agreement.

“I think we need to have our solicitor send them a certified mail demanding that we have a meeting with them and get this out in the open with them and get this done,” Palmer said.

However, the Association hasn’t received any such correspondence yet.

“We have not yet received that letter,” Wilson said last night in response to hearing about Palmer’s intention to send a letter requesting a meeting.

Grounds-keepers prepare the horse park at Crooked Creek for its big rodeo coming up this weekend – July 13-14 (KP File Photo)