Ford City Resident Upset With Noise Coming From Old Ford City High School Football Field

Ford City Borough Council President Carol Fenyes listened to the complaint by resident John Wyant Sr. was making with the noise that is being blared from the football field on Neale Ave.


There was an article published on July 10th in the Kittanning Paper with some factual errors. At the Ford City Borough meeting on the 9th there was resident in attendance raising concerns over the noise coming from the old Ford City Sr. High Football Field by Neale Ave, not the Ford Cliff Park as stated in the article. We have updated the online story to fix the reporting error.

by KP Intern Kyle Predmore

Ford City Borough Council held its regular public meeting last night where an upset resident voiced his concerns over the noise coming from the football field on Neale Avenue.

“I have made numerous attempts with the Police Department to get it to stop and they have done nothing,” John Wyant Sr. said. “In order to sleep at my own place I have to sleep in my travel trailer at another property. I can’t sleep at my own because of this radio. This has been going on for three years. I have a son on 7th Avenue who called me about it. He could hear it from 7th Avenue.”

Another resident, Vicki Schaub, confirmed that she is able to hear the noise from her residence.

Wyant brought up concerns about his property bring private and being unconvinced with strangers using his driveway. He mentioned he had spoken to former Ford City Police Chief Michael Greenlee about the issue but got nowhere near a resolution.

“I let (Greenlee) know and he sat there and intimidated me because his child was playing football,” Wyant said. “I have called the police up there I bet you 25 times. They go up there and tell him to turn it down. If I did this, if I had a party in my back yard and blared music like that, I’d be in jail.”

Ford City Mayor Jeff Cogley was not at the meeting for comment, but Ford City Borough Council President Carol Fenyes said the Armstrong School District had been notified and she is waiting on a reply.

“I will work on it tomorrow morning as there isn’t anything I can do about it tonight. I will work on it in the morning and give you a call tomorrow,” Fenyes added.

In other action, Schaub addressed her concerns with the local police department, claiming Fenyes stating the reason Ford City isn’t keeping employees, particularly the police department, is because they are being underpaid.

“Has anybody on council actually went on and change the wages of other areas in western PA?” Shaub asked.

“We’re right around that $16, $17 mark right now,” Tyson Klukan said. “So we are pretty competitive in the area.”

It was reported one month ago that Greenlee had stepped down from his position as the Chief of Police, almost two years after former Ford City Police Chief Roger Wright resigned on August 15, 2016.