Legal Action Possible between Manor Township and Horse Park

The Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association is gearing up for a legal battle against Manor Township over a contract dispute. Neither side is giving details, but the FAHA board president has confirmed the association is now represented by an attorney in the matter. (KP 2017 File Photo)


by KP Intern Kyle Predmore

The vice-president of the Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association (FAHA) has resigned amid pending legal action between the group and Manor Township.

FAHA operates the horse park at Crooked Creek. The property is owned by Manor Township, but leased to FAHA.

On Thursday, July 5, Manor Township Supervisor Chairman Don Palmer discussed further action that the Township will take against the Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association, stating undisclosed violations of the current contract.

“ They are not communicating with us after having our attorney request a meeting with them to get this problem resolved,” Palmer said. “I think we need to have our solicitor send them a certified mail demanding that we have  meeting with them and get this out in the open with them and get this done.”

Palmer did not say what parts of the agreement were not being met by the Association.

Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association President Laura Wilson was called and asked to comment on the situation.

“I am not allowed to speak about that. We have gotten legal counsel and have been advised to no speak about the matter,” Wilson said.

Wilson was elected to take over the position after it was vacated amidst concerning news about their financial records. Wilson had made several requests toward the former president to provide documents and files but had continued to deny her request. It wasn’t until the end of January 2018 where the financial records from 2017 were handed over.

As of yesterday, Sunday, July 8, Christine Blystone had stepped down from her position as a Vice President. In a phone interview, she mentioned on several occasions where the Fort Armstrong Horsemen’s Association attempted to communicate with Manor Township Supervisors.

“Since February, we have sent them every copy of our minutes for every month that we’ve had a meeting,” Blystone said. “I know our president has tried to call the township solicitor.. So I’m not sure how we’re not communicating with them.”

Blystone confirmed there is a 30-year lease was signed by the Association at a meeting between the general membership and the current board. They decided it was in the park’s best interest to sign accept the lease although they had reservations about certain clauses.

“I think it was back in April when we were discussing the lease,” Blystone added. “There were some questions about some of the stuff that was in it, but after going over it with everybody, we decided to go ahead and just accept the terms of the lease.”

Blystone mentioned the board saw last Friday’s article in the Kittanning Paper. She claimed the FAHA was trying to get a meeting with Manor Township supervisors, but wasn’t sure when they were trying to plan it. She also said she wasn’t sure why the situation has to be the way it currently is between the two groups.

“I don’t know why they are doing this. I wasn’t in control of setting up a meeting with the solicitor. The president had mentioned she tried to call them but they kept missing each other’s phone calls.”