Armstrong Orange Crushers Takes Semi-Final Win

by KP Intern Ike Jones

The Armstrong Orange Crushers won over Natrona Heights in the semifinals at Stewart Field on Tuesday night.

It was a very hard fought game by both teams as Armstrong was just too much for Natrona Heights and earned the victory. The Orange Crushers defeated Natrona Heights by a score of 6-4.

Pitcher Natalie Zeigler (13) had an incredible game for the Orange Crushers. At bat, she went 1-2 with an RBI triple on the evening. She also had an amazing game at the mound with seven strikeouts on the night.

Left-Fielder  Jesslyn Bure (11) also contributed as well as she went 2-2 on the night rallying in a triple and a double.

First basemen Morgan Neal- Schuex (16) had a nice game also as she went 1-2 with a single on the night.

Even though Natrona Heights came up short on the victory, they played a very good game also.