Kittanning Borough Council Conducts Monthly Business

Senate Engineering Inspector Phil Herman (standing, center) told Kittanning Borough Council that a paving contractor made a mistake in painting lines for parking spaces, causing 3 spaces to be eliminated in South McKean lot. Council voted to adjust meters to the new spaces rather than have lines repainted. (photo by KP Intern Ike Jones)

by KP Intern Nick Marofsky

Kittanning Borough Council convened to discuss multiple items of business at their public meeting last night.

Council persons lined up on either side of the aisle in a debate with Senate Engineering over parking lot spaces in the newly-paved municipal lot on South McKean Street behind Nextier and Citizens Bank. The parking lot which was originally designed to be finished last year was recently paved. However, striping of lines for parking spaces was done improperly by the contractor.

“The contractor striped the lot different than how we told him to stripe it.” explained Mr. Phil Herman of Senate Engineering.

Herman said that parking spaces which were previously just slightly more than eight feet in width were striped nine feet wide. This meant the elimination of three parking spaces. Either the stripes needed to be removed, or the meters would have to be moved to adjust for the difference in the width of the parking space.

This brought up the question on whether to repaint the lines or move the meters to match the newly painted spaces. On one hand, repositioning the lines would save the extra three spots in the lot, while moving the meters would make them line up with the corresponding parking spot. Either way, costs to correct the situation would be paid for by the contractor.

It was a tough decision that didn’t come easy.

“We would not only fix the meters that weren’t lined up to begin with, we would only lose – monetary wise – one paid meter and two leased spots that are currently vacant.” Councilman Scott Davis explained. The council went back and forth weighing the pros and cons of each decision.

Council Vice-President and Finance Chairman David Croyle said that the loss of the three spots would cost the Borough $1,500 of yearly revenue.

“We’ve already lost meters on Market, we’ve taken away some other meters in town, and we are now going to lose three more,” Croyle countered.

Council voted 5 to 3 in favor of moving the meters rather than restriping the lines in the lot.  The three council members that were not in favor of the decision were Andy Peters, Rev. David Croyle, and Council President Kim Fox.

“I’m not opposing the meters per say, I’m opposing losing the spots,” Peters said, defending his vote.

In other action, Council gave their consent to the American Powerboat Association to have road closings for their third annual event in August. On Friday August 17th, South Water Street (from Market to Walnut) will be closed from 3pm-9pm for the “Touch-A-Truck” event. This is a new event that is designed to show kids what commercial vehicles, such as police cars, Zambonis, garbage trucks, and other commercial vehicles look like inside and out.

Linda Pozutto, representing the organization, stated, “We wanted a way to involve kids and people who weren’t that into the racing aspect of the event. So we decided to try the Touch-A-Truck event would be a great opportunity to show kids that they don’t have to be afraid of these large vehicles.”

The street will also be closed so that all 48 boat racers from places as far as Michigan and North Carolina can pull their trailers up to the park. Also, South Water Street will once again close Sunday August 19th for a benefit car show to benefit the Armstrong County Sheriff’s K9 division.

Police Chief Bruce Mathews announced that his officers will take classes to educate themselves about medical marijuana on Tuesday July 16th at 1PM at the Belmont Complex. This course will teach them the different ways consumers can ingest it, how it effects someone’s driving skills, and how they can possibly test it in a user’s system.

Armstrong County Planning and Development Director Carman Johnson announced that light poles along Market Street near the court house will be restored and energized tonight. The project is phase four of the Market Street Revitalization grant.

Borough Solicitor Ty Heller opened only one bid for Kittanning’s 1997 garbage truck. Jim Armstrong submitted a bid of $1,201.57. Also three bids came in for the 1973 Trojan Front Loader. The winning bid was J.C. Auto Sales for $1,201. Council awarded the bids to each high bidder.