TESH: Standing, Bacon, and Earthing Intelligence!

Ready to lose weight? Stand Up! Really? Well, for at least one minute every hour. That’s the gist of a recent study in the European Heart Journal. Study participants who simply stood up for one minute an hour every day had waistlines that were nearly 2 inches smaller than those who sat most of the day. Researchers say the reason is that sitting for hours causes our muscles to stagnate, which triggers our bodies to hold on to fat and become less sensitive to insulin, leading to more sugar spikes and crashes- and more cravings for junk food- while regularly moving our muscles even for a minute an hour short circuits those changes, and boosts our health.

Summer months are the perfect opportunity to improve your health by “EARTHING!” That’s the *practice of walking barefoot – or putting any body part in direct contact with the earth. According to research, it can decrease pain and improve heart health. Cardiologist Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a believer. He says the earth’s negatively charged electrons act like antioxidants – reducing inflammation. Dr. Sinatra says 20 minutes of earthing can ease pain and inflammation – and 40 minutes can reduce blood viscosity, meaning it’ll flow more easily, reducing the risk of a heart attack.

Bacon can be tough to get out of the pack. Next time, try this: roll the package into a tube first, before you open it; that makes it easier to separate the slices! Any morning is a great chance for you to try this handy little piece of intelligence for a great start to the day, so share this concept from The John Tesh Radio Show!