Lenape Tech Praises Manor Township Resource Officer Program

Wes Kutcha represented Lenape Tech in thanking Manor Township Police for their outstanding service to the school. 

The administrative director of Lenape Tech visited the Manor Township supervisors meeting last night to praise the interaction of the school and the police department.

Wes Kuchta said that of the conclusion of the first year of a three-year contract for a school resource officer, it has been a positive experience.

“We found it to be nothing but successful,” Kuchta said. “The officers, Officer France and Chief Petrosky, primarily at our building were able to make a connection with the students. Manor Twp has been incredibly cooperative with going through that whole process to where we want to create  an atmosphere where students feel safe in the building and it’s not just about an armed guard at the front door. What it’s about is them interacting with students. They taught lessons to our students regarding opioids, regarding distracted driving, what to do when you’re pulled over, what types of things will get you in trouble. They worked with a lot of our teachers on curriculum issues in terms of providing their expertise out in the field as it relates to our careers. Whether it be the automotive programs, our financial literacy class, our accounting class, things like that. So, we just had a very successful year by having them in our building with what’s called a School Resource Officer.”

Costs for the resource officer is paid for through a School Safety Grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The grant provided approximately $30,000 for the resource officer program for the first two years.

“The first year is funded, the second year is funded and the third year isn’t funded as of yet, but we’re hoping that, at the State level, they’re going to continue to release more funds for school safety which we will apply to this program,” Kuchta said.  “We just want to thank Manor Township for the support.”