FC Police Officers Accused of Using Excessive Force

Police Chief Michael Greenlee’s officers are being once again called into question.

First, it was officers targeting patrons of clubs in Ford City that prompted club administrators to bring up the subject at council meetings and meet privately with Mayor Jeff Cogley.

Now a suit has been filed by resident Roch Mantini that states unknown Ford City officers used excessive force during a traffic stop when Mantini was leaving a 12-hour work shift at the funeral home on 6th Avenue.

According to Mantini’s attorney, officers threw him against his car, handcuffed him, and made numerous threats to him.

Officers allegedly found candy in Mantini’s vehicle intended for his daughter and threw it in the berm of the street. Also the suit states that officers conducted three breathalyzer tests on Mantini. He was transported to the Ford City Police Station where harassment continued. When Mantini complained about the tightness of the handcuffs, the officer pulled them tighter.

Police took Mantini to the hospital for testing and the mistreatment continued there by officers and on the ride back to Ford City.

The incident happened on November 15, 2017.

The suit alleges that Mantini’s Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights were violated. He seeks unspecified monetary damages.

While borough officials do not comment on legal matters, Mayor Cogley did allude to issues with past officers at a recent meeting and said those officers are no longer with the force. He did not give any detail.