AUTO: Advice for Pulling a Camper

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Dear Motor Medics,
I have been looking at trucks to be used as both primary transportation and for pulling a camper in the summer. I have a half ton gas powered truck now that is used for about 20,000 miles per year but after upgrading my camper to a larger size this past summer I don’t feel it is safe to use as a pull truck any longer. I am a Ford guy and want to go with a diesel truck in a 3/4 or 1-ton model 4×4 but hear that most of the trucks in my price range are equipped with a 6.0 engine and that they have some inherent problems. What kind of things go wrong with the engine and what can be done to fix them? I may be willing to buy one and make the repairs.
Thanks, Doug in Kalamazoo Michigan

Dear Doug,
It is smart of you to think safety. You should never pull with a truck that is too small for the job or safety will be compromised. The issues we see with the 6.0 are usually the egr cooler and the engine oil cooler. There are some really strong aftermarket parts available to update the engine and once done we have seen greatly improved strength and no repeat failures so far. There are some great deals to be had on the 6.0 and if you find one budget for the upgrades to help prevent major future breakdowns.
Take care, the Motor Medics