Solid Waste Ordinance Passed, Buffington Sign Approved

Supervisor Chairman Don Palmer (right) discusses new street signs requested by the Armstrong School District for Buffington Drive with Supervisor Tag Hecker (left).

Manor Township held its public supervisors’ meeting Wednesday.

At the previous meeting on May 16, the board agreed to send changes in Solid Waste Ordinance 2016-4 to their solicitor for a final review. The changes included defining residential waste as household garbage, which included the disposal of electronic waste and fecal matter from pets. Items not considered as waste included tires and construction materials.

“The ordinance was discussed at a work session meeting. We agreed to send that off to the solicitor for review,” Chairman Donald Palmer said. “The solicitor in turn, returned it and didn’t see any problems with it.”

Some of the issues brought up in the ordinance makeover were specifically targeting dumpsters with no lids.

“We had an issue in McGrann,” Palmer said, “where somebody parked a dumpster with no cover on it and filled up completely with garbage to the point where all the neighbors started calling and complaining because of the smell, rats and [fecal matter] everywhere.”

Along with the smell, there was concern about the trash being accessible and spread around by wildlife.

“We also have a local restaurant, I’ll leave unnamed, that over-fills their dumpster,” Palmer said. “The animals get in the dumpster, carry it out and go into the creek. They also have the dumpsters so small that they overfill it regularly and start stacking the trash out around the dumpster.”

“EPA already has the regulations on the books and recommended we put it into our own ordnances. Under the EPA regulation #833-B-09-002 section 4K, it specifically talks about having the dumpsters with lids and keeping them closed.”

“Second Class Township Code says we cannot pass an ordinance that is less strict than the state and federal government’s laws or regulation,” Palmer said

The motion to advertise the ordinance and adopt it July 6 was passed.

In other action, Armstrong Junior/Senior High School requested to have a road sign reading “Pittsburgh / RT 28 Right Lane” put up on Buffington Drive. The suggested location for the sign is on Buffington Drive before the curve leading into Business 422.

“They didn’t care what sized sign,” Secretary Jill Davis said.  “I called and got prices. Our sign people said a 2’ by 2’ sign would be really small… He recommended a 3’ by 3’.”

With the school season approaching and school sporting events starting back up for the 2018-2019 school year, the thought was to lead incoming travelers to the shortest way back to Route 28 when leaving Armstrong Junior/Senior High School from Buffington Drive.

“You’re going to have a lot of big sporting events coming. Football season is coming.” Supervisor Tag Hecker said.

The cost of the project would be fully funded by the school district.

The motion for a three-foot by three-foot sign that would be paid for by the school district with the approval of the location by the supervisor was passed.

by KP Intern Kyle Predmore